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AE911Truth Airs All Across Southern CA
Tune in to the Live Stream on KPFK
Tomorrow Friday, October 8, 4:00 pm PT

Greetings fellow AE911Truth Supporters:

AE911Truth’s Richard Gage, AIA, will be on air live for one hour tomorrow. If you are in the LA area you can listen to KPFK on 90.7 FM radio. Everyone else can listen online at at 4pm PT Friday October 8.

KPFK will be playing portions of the AE911Truth San Francisco Press Conference DVD, which includes David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones, Erik Lawyer and myself. The DVD will be offered as a premium for pledges.

Join the Architects & Engineers for 9/11Truth along with distinguished speakers at this historic AE911Truth Press Conference on February 19, 2010, as they announce the critical milestone achievement of 1,000 architect and engineering professional petition signer – all demanding a real investigation into the explosive demolition of the 3 World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11/01. Watch the riveting multi-media examination of the most recent scientific forensic evidence and eyewitness testimony.

Also included is the Speakers Luncheon Event where you will hear from the AE911Truth petition signers themselves about the specific evidence which altered them and what they are now doing about it.

Please support the station during that hour to show appreciation for Christine Blosdale’s dogged efforts to put 9/11 truth on the air! The number to call is 818-985-5735 that’s 818-985-KPFK between 4-5pm PT. KPFK has been around for over 50 years and has 112,000 watts of power and can be heard from San Diego up to Santa Barbara.

911 Investigator

You may have missed our most exciting AE911Truth publication ever – our broadsheet newspaper. This is the latest great tool for helping your friends realize that you are not just a conspiracy theorist – that you have the facts!

This 4-page newspaper is in full color, graphically oriented and contains over a dozen articles about our most important evidence.

The “911 Investigator” goes where no mainstream newspaper has dared by detailing the witness testimony and scientific forensic evidence behind the destruction of the 3 World Trade Center high-rises on 9/11. This handy publication presents the compelling case for explosive controlled demolition in a graphically oriented easy-to-read format, while maintaining the scientific integrity that is honored by technical professionals around the globe.

It is a compact, fact-filled source for people on the run. The essential info is all in one place, making it easy to learn more and to educate others.


Richard Gage, AIA, Architect

And the dedicated AE911Truth volunteers


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