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AE911Truth Action Group’s April Action
Explosive Evidence Emailed to 100,000

Dear AE911Truth Action Groups, Petition Signers and Supporters,

We decided on our last monthly Action Group conference call to focus in April on emailing our new letter of introduction to the evidence in a massive email action. As you know, our growing numbers of Action Groups across the country are always looking for new ways to reach government officials, media representatives, architects, engineers, academicians, and others.

AE911Truth Action Groups are composed of
San Leandro, CA Action Group organizes for “freeway blogging’ – their preferred street action
those who are dedicated to having an action every month in communities all across the United States and around the world. Any two or more local 9/11 Truth activists can affiliate yourselves with AE911Truth by forming an Action Group. All you need to do is fill out a formation notice and join us on our monthly conference call where we will create next month’s action and review the last month’s action. We will list your email address and website on our website, which gets about 6,000 visits every week. Some of those visitors are looking for contacts in their local communities, i.e. you. And the ever-growing list of local Action Groups and Contacts shows our website visitors how broadly we are supported across the country and around the world.

If you are not able to commit to a monthly action, please consider becoming a Local Contact, which simply puts your email on our website so that inquirers in your local community can find you.

So this month we are encouraging all twenty-three thousand of our supporters to forward our Letter of Introduction to members of all the groups listed above, as well as your relatives, friends, and colleagues. We believe we can reach 100,000 new people this month if we all participate. Simply forward the email Bulletin you have also received today, or download the Introduction letter PDF file and forward it by attachment. Keep in mind however that some people don’t like to open attachments, which is why we sent you a separate Bulletin today. Alternatively, you can also download the Introduction letter as a Microsoft Word document that can be customized and addressed to your more important contacts. Note that it currently has our letterhead and address in the header and footer.

PLEASE report back to us at and let us know the scope and results of your Intro letter outreach. We look forward to connecting with the Action Group facilitators on our fourth Thursday of the month Action Group call, scheduled for April 28.

Many blessings to you and your dedicated efforts,

The AE911Truth Action Group Team


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Not displaying properly? View Action Alert online