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Dear Fellow Building Professionals, Academicians, Government Officials, and Others:

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) is a fast-growing non-profit organization of more than 1,400 architectural and engineering professionals who have re-examined the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11. The last few years have witnessed mounting scientific evidence that clearly indicates that the destruction of the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 was not adequately explained by the official theories outlined in the 2002 FEMA and 2005/2007 NIST reports. AE911Truth is calling for a new, fully funded, truly independent and unimpeachable investigation.

We present the evidence on our website and in live multimedia presentations, which have taken us now throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. Most of the architects and engineers who take the time to review the evidence in our live presentation agree with our conclusions and join us in calling for a new investigation.

Note the large, free-flying steel framing sections, trailing smoke clouds, which landed hundreds of feet outside of the building’s perimeter.
What the Evidence Shows

The video evidence shows that during the final destruction of the Twin Towers numerous steel frame sections were hurled horizontally up to 600 feet away. These lateral ejections and the numerous high-velocity jets of smoke and pulverized building contents visible during the destruction of the Twin Towers are blast pressure front effects that can be only caused by explosions.

The characteristics of high-order damage were observed: all three WTC skyscrapers were completely destroyed, its structural units (perimeter walls, etc.) members were shattered; heavy pieces from the Twin Towers were thrown horizontally over large distances, most of the concrete floors were pulverized, and 220 acres of metal decking are mostly missing. High-order damage is evidence that explosions with a high rate of pressure rise occurred.

The evidence for the use of explosives is supported by over one hundred accounts by FDNY first responders, many of whom reported sounds of explosions and patterned flashes of light, and with many interpreting the skyscraper destruction as being caused by “secondary devices.”

Extremely high temperatures, capable of melting steel and iron, were evident before and during the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and at Ground Zero. Seven minutes before the destruction of the South Tower a flow of molten metal appeared. Its glowing color showed that its temperature was close to white hot at the beginning of the flow, and yellow and orange further down – too hot to be caused by jet-fuel and office fires.

Billions of iron-rich microspheres in the WTC dust are additional proof of temperatures above the melting point of iron – temperatures at least 1000F higher than can be accounted for by jet fuel and office fires. These spheres were so common in the WTC dust that they were used as a “signature marker” for WTC dust. Pyroclastic-like, rapidly expanding dust plumes and clouds during and after the destruction of the Towers are also only explainable by the rapid expansion of large amounts of gases hotter than office fires can produce.

An excavating machine at Ground Zero lifts debris dripping with molten metal
Extremely high temperatures at Ground Zero are documented by various sources, for example in thermal images by MTI and NASA, by photographs, and by numerous witness accounts. The American Society of Safety Engineers reported that “the debris pile at Ground Zero was always tremendously hot. Thermal measurements taken by helicopter each day showed underground temperatures ranging from 400°F to more than 2,800°F.”

The chemical signature of thermite was found when samples of formerly molten iron from the pile, WTC steel, and iron-rich microspheres found in the dust were examined. In 2009, scientists reported finding in WTC dust samples small red/gray chips containing a highly energetic, sophisticated nanothermite composite material. When these chips were heated, they ignited, generating similar iron-rich microspheres to those found in the WTC dust. Up to now no peer-reviewed criticism of this peer-reviewed paper has been published.

50,000X electron microscope image showing nano-engineered iron oxide and aluminum
Violations of standard investigative procedure and scientific openness

The government’s account of the unprecedented destruction of all three skyscrapers constitutes a mountain of distracting detail that excluded most of the relevant evidence, assumed its own conclusions, underwent no independent peer review before publication, and was largely generated by defense contractors. Less than 1% of the WTC steel was preserved for later examination, and NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology) excluded most of that steel from being systematically examined for “failure modes” and “high temperature excursion.” None of the reports follow NFPA 921, the accepted US standard for fire and explosion investigation, even though NIST participated in writing that standard. Most notably, NIST neither documents nor discusses most of the evidence for blast pressure front effects, high order damage, thermal effects of explosions, and extremely high temperatures. NIST’s Frequently Asked Questions web page feigns ignorance regarding the difference between thermite and nanothermite, although top NIST officials and engineers participated in the development of nanothermite on behalf of the US aerospace and defense complex. NIST’s animated computer model of WTC 7 bears no resemblance to the videos of the destruction, and the details of the model have been withheld, claiming that it would “jeopardize public safety.”

Building 7

WTC Building 7, a 47-story skyscraper was not hit by an airplane
and yet was the third modern steel-framed skyscraper to be destroyed with near-perfect symmetry at high downward acceleration on 9/11. It was destroyed in the exact manner of a building being taken down by professional controlled demolition with explosives – as corroborated by controlled demolition professionals and structural engineers. WTC 7 was in free-fall for 2.25 seconds (a third of its fall time) or about eight stories (admitted by NIST). The columns near the bottom thus offered no resistance and therefore must have been removed, virtually simultaneously at each level and synchronistically timed floor by floor, a phenomenon that fire can’t possibly accomplish.

WTC Building 7’s main structure collapsing at free-fall – in just 6.5 seconds total
WTC 7 exhibited typical features of controlled demolition:

1. Rapid onset of symmetrical destruction of main structure

2. Free-fall acceleration through the path of what was the greatest resistance

3. Massive volume of pyroclastic-like dust clouds

4. Straight-down destruction almost into the building’s footprint

5. Foreknowledge of destruction among first responders, media, NYPD, FDNY

6. Sounds of explosions heard by witnesses

The WTC 7 debris pile exhibited the same extremely high temperatures (above the melting point of iron), just as in the piles from WTC 1 and WTC 2 (see thermal images by MTI, NASA and EarthData). Evidence of molten iron with sulfur attacking and corroding the structural steel was documented by FEMA in Appendix C of the May 2002 BPAT Report. This evidence fits the fingerprint of thermate, which produces molten iron as one reaction product.

By the way, “normal office fires” (the official cause of the complete, straight-down destruction) have never brought down a modern steel-framed skyscraper at all, much less with any or all of these features of explosive demolition.

Please review this evidence and much more online and at, and then sign our petition. We need your help in order to achieve a truly independent investigation.


Richard Gage, AIA, Architect
Founder and CEO, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

  Notes from a few Architects and Engineers…

“The presentation made by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth at the AIA Convention in San Francisco made a sufficient case that a new investigation into the destruction of the 3 skyscrapers on 9/11/01 would be worthwhile.”

Kevin Kelly, FAIA, Architect
Austin, TX

“I believe that all the evidence made available by AE911Truth proves beyond any doubt that explosives were used to bring down the towers – as many people concluded from the outset, simply from visual evidence and knowledge of basic physics.”

Pedro Buccellato, High-Rise Architect
Johannesburg, South Africa

“The collapse of the three WTC skyscrapers would seem to defy the laws of mechanics, conservation of energy and known structural failure behavior. The case for the destruction of the three WTC buildings by means of ‘controlled demolition’ is overwhelming.”

Claude Briscoe, P.E., Structural Engineer
Santa Rosa, CA

“The destruction was too symmetrical to have been eccentrically generated. The destruction was symmetrically initiated to cause the buildings to come apart as they did.”

Harry Robinson III, FAIA, Architect
Washington, DC

“After viewing the information on, there should be no question for anyone with the slightest knowledge of construction that WTC 1, 2 and 7 were all controlled demolitions… Thank you, Richard Gage.”

William Lamar, High-Rise Architect
Little Rock, AR

“The speed at which the buildings fell should be the most obvious and least technical indication that explosives were used. Most engineers as well as non-technical people should be able to grasp this.”

William Cundiff, P.E., Structural Engineer
Whitinsville, MA


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