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Table of Contents
  Comparing the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Fire to the WTC 7 Fire
  I Left My Illusions in San Francisco…
  AE911Truth Crosses the Atlantic!
  A Proclamation for Your Local Government
  FBI Acknowledges AE911Truth!
  New Items in the Online Store!
  The WTC Towers The Vertical Acceleration
  Economic Recovery using Thermal Expansion
  SF Bay Area Professionals Faced with 9/11 Truth

Comparing the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Fire to the WTC 7 Fire

poster by Jon Cole With the fiery inferno of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (MOH) in Beijing on February 9, 2009, the obvious point of comparison is with World Trade Center 7 (WTC7) on September 11, 2001. Yes, the buildings were very similar in size and construction. Their heights were comparable, 522 ft. for MOH, vs. 610 ft. for WTC7. But the differences in the magnitude of the fires and ultimate results were dramatic, in the extreme.

Fires in the MOH raged on every floor, reportedly requiring between 13 and 30 minutes before the entire building was engulfed in flame (first photo). In contrast, WTC7 had small fires on but a few floors at a time, typically burning the office materials, then moving on. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) reported fires on only 10 floors.

I Left My Illusions in San Francisco…
24,000 Architects Confront the Evidence!

One of the most exciting and promising AE911Truth developments has been the acceptance of our application to have a booth on the floor of the AIA 2009 National Convention and Design Exposition! This prestigious architectural convention will be held in San Francisco April 30 through May 2, 2009.

24,000 architects are expected to attend. This is an unprecedented opportunity for professional exposure for AE911Truth. We are very grateful and most eager to create a first-class showing! Considerable negotiation was required, but approval was granted by the AIA. We will have a 10' x 10' booth, at a cost of $4,000, on the floor of the convention. Please DONATE toward the cost of this critically important outreach. The overall costs will approach $10K for display equipment and DVD's/brochure handouts.

AE911Truth Crosses the Atlantic!
Europe Is Hungry for 9/11 Truth

AE911Truth founder, Richard Gage, AIA, completed a very successful 9-city, 6-country, tour of Europe in November, including London, Madrid, Vienna, Geneva, Paris, Aachen, Brussels, Hamburg, and Berlin.

Our biggest triumph was undoubtedly the highly favorable interview and prime time coverage of the C.D. evidence given by one of Spain's largest national television stations!

These historic events are covered in detail on the website under "News – Appearances – Euro Tour." Richard wrote an insightful account of his experiences in a travel diary and posted many photos of storied and stunning architecture he encountered on his journey.

A Proclamation for Your Local Government
AE911Truth Engineer Strikes Out On His Own!

Many AE911Truth members are approaching 9/11 activism in creative ways. Please consider supporting the 9/11 Truth Proclamation Project of member Don Meserlian, P.E., Forensic Engineer. Don is the national leader of the "Citizens' Campaign for 2009 Year of 9/11 Truth". His Proclamation, designed to reach local officials in every community, focuses on the explosions prior to the collapse of the Twin Towers, and references seismic evidence from the government as well as testimony from witnesses. It also notes the near free-fall acceleration of the WTC high-rises, and references the 2008 Report of the Citizens Commission on 9/11.

FBI Acknowledges AE911Truth!
Cites AE911Truth's "thorough research and analysis"

Those of you in the 9/11 truth movement who suffer from extreme paranoid delusions (not us) must combat your mental illness on a daily basis. A common symptom is to believe that everyone in the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other varieties of the alphabet soup, are downright no darn good. A sure-fire cure for this particular symptom came on December 22nd, 2008, in the form of a reply from Michael J. Heimbach, Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division of the National Security Branch of the FBI, to Mr. Harold Saive of Gators for 9/11 Truth.

New Items in the Online Store!

We are pleased to announce that we have created 2 new tools for our epic effort to bring to light the darker truths about 9/11.

We now have AE911Truth bumper stickers in our online store! These "Explosive Evidence" stickers are designed to match our T-Shirts. Put them on your car, your significant other's car, your kid's car, or anywhere you feel is appropriate (let's stay legal now).

The WTC Towers The Vertical Acceleration
A High School Physics Lesson

I'm a high school physics teacher who brought my video analysis skills to the AE911Truth video team. I use a software tool that separates a video, frame-by-frame, and allows me to place a marker on an object in the video to follow its motion. I then use a known distance in the video to calibrate my measurements, and am able to generate tables and graphs to analyze the motion in great detail.

Economic Recovery Using Thermal Expansion
The Return of American Ingenuity

One of our supporters, Jon Cole, had a brilliant idea. Work in the office is less plentiful for him, as it is for many of us across the country, and he realized he could make a fortune with "thermal expansion"!

SF Bay Area Professionals Faced with 9/11 Truth
The First AE911Truth Presentation of 2009 and My First Impressions

The first AE911Truth presentation of 2009 was held on January 30 in a packed private room at Joe's Restaurant in downtown San Rafael, California. This was my second time meeting Richard Gage, AIA, in person, but it was my first exposure to the analytical and emotional impact of his formal live presentations. I'm very glad I took the time in the middle of a busy Friday to cross the increasingly expensive Golden Gate Bridge and participate in this incredible eye-opening event.

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